About Us


The CMT Organization was established in April 2019 by CMT patients and parents of diagnosed children. 

The organization devotes its activities to improve the lives as well as physical and mental well-being of all community members.

Our Vision

Improving the well-being of CMT patients and their families. A world in which the CMT disease may be prevented and medically treated.

Organization Goals

  • Mental support to patients and families to improve their quality of life
  • Promotion of research and cure discovery in cooperation with medical companies and researchers.
  • Raising awareness among professionals and the public

CMT Israel Association is a member of the ECMTF (European CMT Federation), which created to unite all the CMT advocacy groups across Europe to help raise awareness and promote better care for people with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

Our Team

Itzik Lev-Ari

Founder and Chairman

Itzik lives in Rehovot, with his wife Anne and daughter Geffen.  He has CMT, and so does his mother and his two brothers.

This is the reason why he always strove to learn about the disease and how to cope with it. Today he has accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience about CMT.

During his military service he served as a medical officer. He is therefore affiliated with the medical world in general, and CMT in particular. Throughout the years Itzik collected much knowledge. He is a science and education M.A graduate, and during the past few years, he is fulfilling his duty in his educational position as a science teacher in youth boarding schools and high schools. 

Itzik is an entrepreneur and is embedded in many community projects – he founded a cooperative for artists and young entrepreneurs and accumulated much experience in business and social initiatives, community events promotion, and project management. 

Along with his partners, Itzik’s expertise and skills paved his path to establishing our CMT organization, to fulfill its goals and mission – to assist CMT patients.


Nitza Malik

Founder and CEO

Nitza joined the founders of the association after her son was diagnosed with CMT

When he was 15, since then, she has been working for the association’s goals


Nechemya (Nate) Rubin

Founder and Deputy Chairman

Nehemya is married to Miri and is the father of Kfir and Ella, who suffer from a rare CMT disease subtype. 

For over 20 years Nechemya served in senior positions in the hospitality industry, real estate, business, security, NGOs, and other  organizations. 

After a few years of residing abroad, Nechemya and his family returned to Israel for the purpose of establishing an international pioneer startup company. During the past few years, he served as the CEO of a leading management and property maintenance company with a seniority of over 30 years.  

Nechemya devotes much of his free time to promote our organization’s goals, with support, guidance, and professional instruction. His exceptional experience and professional know-how in the business world help us achieve the association’s goals. 


Inbal Ben David

Director of Foreign Relations, Research and Medicine

Inbal is a CMT patient and joined the organization’s leadership members. 

She is a chemistry B.A. graduate and a business management M.A. graduate,  who played a part in various key positions in different pharma companies. 

Since joining the organization, Inbal devotes much of her time to establish research cooperation for the development of medical treatment for CMT patients and promoting the organization’s goals.  Her rich knowledge in the pharma world along with her significant contribution, provides us with hope for a future breakthrough in the CMT disease field

Volunteers in the association:

Shula Assor, Hagit Yosef, David Wilner, Itai Ben Tzur, Almog Laufer, Shalev Al-Tar Bar-On